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Welcome to Apartments and Studios "Pantelis" & "Fotini"



The apartments and studios Pantelis and Light are near one of the most popular beaches , St. Fotini, just 11 km from Chios town. This is one of the favorite beaches of locals and visitors. Located near the picturesque village Thimiana, it is a pebble beach with crystal clear water. You can enjoy various water sports there. It is quiet, offering you hours of relaxation. In St. Luminous taverns you can try traditional Chian appetizers and fresh seafood. There are also mini market and a cafe, where you can appreciate your coffee or your drink. Everyday there are regular services to and from the city and to other destinations. The beach is connected to the area of St. John, where there is a small picturesque harbor.



Chios, the fifth largest island in Greece with its earliest inhabitants dating back to the Bronze Age, approximately 1100 B.C., is located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, where the East meets the West, Chios is characterized as a natural destination since its inhabitants pursue ecofriendly tourism. Thus, the primary attractions in Chios include flora, fauna and Chios’ cultural heritage.

The island has been blessed with a wide spectrum of natural beauty such as citrus groves, rare flora and fauna in addition to the mystical resin referred to as mastic, which is known for its medicinal healing properties. Aside from its sparkling beaches and delectable cuisine, Chios has much to offer. For instance:

  • Hiking Trails of geological, historical and cultural interest.
  • Mountainous Terrain and forested hillsides.
  • Archeological Sites.
  • Museums & Points of Interest.
  • Medieval Villages and other Landmarks which have been exquisitely preserved .
  • Monasteries & Churches which date back to the 12th Century.

Without sacrificing modern day comforts, visitors have the opportunity to meet the people and the culture of the island of Chios within an atmosphere that combines the old and the new. With a plethora of activities and festivals that take place, Chios is a tourist destination that is appealing throughout the course of the year. Thus, we invite you to discover the real Chios…through our heartfelt warmth and genuine dedication.

Apartments and Studios "Pantelis" and "Fotini", Koutsouradi Fotini St. Fotini 82100, Chios Tel: 22710-51057 Mobile: 6987274874, email: evantalla@hotmail.com Site by Web2